plixxer stands for democratic freedom of speech and public conversation. Even though we see this as a fundamental prerequisite for exchange on plixxer, we will respond appropriately when we become aware of content that, due to its content, form, design, or otherwise, is likely to violate applicable law and the rights of others. Unjustified attacks against personal rights and human dignity have no place on plixxer.

Therefore, among other things, it is prohibited to post content that violates criminal law, competition law, youth protection laws, or infringes upon third-party rights such as names, trademarks, copyrights, image rights, and data protection rights.


1. Enforcement of Our Rules

If you find content on plixxer that you believe may violate these rules, you can inform us directly via the "Report" function on the platform or by email at [email protected]. We will then review the content and take the necessary actions, such as blocking the content or the user.

plixxer is not a platform for false, violence-glorifying, confusing, hateful, or harmful content or actions and must not be abused for their dissemination. Therefore, plixxer reserves the right to delete such content, prevent its dissemination, and to block or delete individuals, groups of persons, or user accounts that disseminate such content without comment.

As far as applicable laws require, we are obligated to report serious violations to the relevant authorities.


2. Prohibited Content on Plixxer

2.1. Hate Speech and Hate Messages

plixxer is not a platform for hate messages or individuals and groups that spread hateful actions.

Hate messages can include content such as:

  •     Racism and xenophobia, such as incitement to violence or hatred against persons based on their race, skin color, ancestry, religion, ideology, national or ethnic origin.
  •     Public approval, denial, or gross trivialization of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes when it appears likely to incite violence or hatred.
  •     Criminal incitement against individuals, including public figures, and criminally relevant threats against the life, limb, or property of these individuals;
  •     Denigration of a person's sexual identity or orientation;
  •     Trivializing or glorifying violence as well as extremism of any kind;
  •     Defamation of the memory of the deceased;
  •     Dissemination of discriminatory and trivializing conspiracy theories, such as Holocaust denial;
  •     Insulting religious beliefs, religious communities, and ideological groups.
  •     Support for individuals or groups that advocate hateful actions and spread prejudice.
  •     Vulnerable or at-risk groups are those that can be grouped together based on their minority status. Furthermore, individuals are considered vulnerable if they are deemed particularly susceptible due to physical changes or impairments.


2.2. Fake News

plixxer is no place for fake news, propaganda, or disinformation. We reserve the right to block or delete false content that could damage users' trust in the credibility of plixxer, is harmful to health, or endangers the safety of our users.

This category includes, among others:

  •     Misleading and false claims that generate discrimination, prejudice, and hatred;
  •     Misleading and false claims that call for or could lead to harassment and bullying of individuals, institutions, or groups;
  •     Manipulated audio and image files that intentionally undermine trust;
  •     Misleading and false claims that endanger the integrity of votes and elections;
  •     Medical misinformation that endangers safety and health, including false claims regarding emergencies in security and public health.


2.3. Cyberbullying and Harassment

plixxer is not a platform to defame individuals or population groups. Plixxer, therefore, reserves the right to delete offensive and insulting content.

Content that is prohibited on the platform includes, among others:

  •     Degrading a person or group of people because of their gender, ancestry, race, language, homeland and origin, faith, religious or political views, or because of a disability;
  •     Edited images posted for the purpose of degradation;
  •     Sexual insinuations about individuals and solicitation or offering of sexual acts;
  •     Offensive comments, criticism, and insults, hurtful image or text material;
  •     Mocking individuals who are grieving and very vulnerable in their feelings;
  •     Body shaming or ridiculing individuals based on their sexual orientation, sexual past, or past relationships.


2.4. Criminal and Terrorist Individuals, Associations, or Actions

plixxer does not provide a stage for people and groups that advocate or glorify violence. We reserve the right to block or delete content that appears to serve, among other things, the following purposes:


  •     Use of symbols of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations;
  •     Dissemination of propaganda materials and statements of violent extremist, unconstitutional, and/or terrorist individuals and organizations;
  •     Formation of criminal or terrorist associations at home and abroad;
  •     Preparation of acts of violence;
  •     Instruction for committing crimes;
  •     Public solicitation of crimes;
  •     Rewarding and approving of crimes;
  •     Disturbing public peace by threatening to commit crimes;
  •     Incitement of the people.


2.5. Sexual Harassment / Pornographic Content

plixxer does not tolerate sexual harassment or pornography on its platform.

If we become aware of child pornography content on plixxer, we have the option to block the content and the user who posted it on the platform and file a corresponding report with law enforcement authorities.


  •     Posts that can be deleted by us include, for example:
  •     Sexual abuse of children;
  •     Pornographic content that involves violence or sexual acts of humans with animals;
  •     Sexual harassment of users or third parties;
  •     Images of naked people whose poses suggest pornographic intentions;
  •     Fetish images and pictorial representations of sexual activities;
  •     Explicit sexual descriptions.
  •     We try to differentiate as precisely as possible between actual pornography and the depiction of the - possibly also naked - human body in the context of relevant topics. We include, for example, 'Health Education and Well-being,' 'Sexual Health,' and art among these topics.


2.6. Harmful Behavior and Self-Harm

plixxer is not a platform for expressing arguments that support drug abuse, eating disorders, self-harm, or even suicide.

Among other things, the following content can be deleted by us:


  •     Quotes and statements that promote suicidal thoughts;
  •     Instructions and incitements to self-harm;
  •     Advertising for self-harm;
  •     Disturbing, troubling images;
  •     Mocking individuals who have attempted suicide, who have died by suicide, or who self-harm;
  •     Insensitive handling of individuals who self-harm;


2.7. Violations of Privacy and Personal Rights

plixxer does not permit the unauthorized dissemination of personal data in violation of privacy and personal rights.

This may particularly involve the following data:

  •     Private addresses, phone numbers, and other contact details;
  •     Personal identification documents;
  •     Passwords and usernames;
  •     Private financial or medical data;
  •     Violation of the most personal sphere of life and personal rights through image recordings;
  •     Images of private individuals whose right to their own image is violated by the dissemination or public display of these images.


2.8. Illegal or Certain Regulated Goods and Services

The use of plixxer for unlawful purposes or to promote illegal activities is prohibited. This particularly concerns the sale, purchase, or other transactions of illegal goods or services. The safety of plixxer users is our top priority. We reserve the option to seek assistance from law enforcement authorities to ensure compliance with the guidelines.

The following goods and services are affected by this rule:

  •     Counterfeit goods and services;
  •     Drugs and substances subject to special controls;
  •     Human trafficking;
  •     Products from endangered or protected species;
  •     Sexual services;
  •     Illegally obtained materials and data;
  •     Permit-required weapons, including firearms, ammunition, and explosives, as well as instructions for manufacturing such weapons.

2.9. Exploitation

plixxer is not a platform that supports or tolerates forms of exploitation – neither of animals nor of humans.

This includes:


  •     Grooming, inappropriate graphic representations, sexual comments, and the sexual exploitation of minors. If we come across such content, we reserve the right to contact the relevant law enforcement authorities;
  •     Sexual services such as escort services, prostitution, sex cams that indicate human trafficking or suggest physical or sexual exploitation;
  •     Human trafficking or unauthorized commercial activities such as the trade in products from protected animal species, the trade in endangered animals, or the trade in organs;
  •     Photos and graphic representations of a private or sexual nature that were not taken or published by mutual consent, e.g., upskirting images or so-called "revenge pornography."


2.10. Network Marketing

Activities that indicate illegal activities of our users in the field of network marketing can be prevented by us, and the corresponding content can be deleted. This may include network marketing (also known as multi-level marketing (MLM), referral marketing, or structured sales) as a special form of direct sales. Unlike classic direct sales, customers are encouraged to recruit further customers as independent sales partners. Depending on the structure, network marketing systems can resemble an illegal pyramid scheme or disguise one as network marketing.


2.11. Spam

We reserve the right to delete any kind of spam that becomes known to us and to block the senders and users who disseminate spam.

Our definition of spam includes, among other things:


  •     Content that is irrelevant, misleading, or merely a repetition of known posts;
  •     Links to pages that do not provide added value for users, are misleading or untrustworthy;
  •     Unsolicited and misleading messages, especially with advertising content.

February 2024